Saturday, April 28, 2012

Facebook offers free anti-virus software

Hi all, I am here to give you all a quick tip. Our beloved image sharing site, Facebook, has launched a service to provide Security suites, virus guards and internet security suites, for free. Actually the products have a 6 months trial period with full functionality. The whole purpose of this free give-away is to enforce the Facebook users against malware, viruses, worms and all those black stuff.

The steps are simple. Go to this page, and select The AV market place.

Then you will get the page with details about the security suites provided by different vendors such as McAfee, Microsoft, etc.

Select the product you want to install to your computer and follow the instructions. You may have to like the Facebook page of the vendor in the process. But that's not much of a trouble when we consider the type of things we put a like on Facebook. ;)

After you download, install the product and enjoy 6 months of security from a fully activated product.

That's it for this quick tip. I'm out. Stay safe people, Internet is getting scary. =O

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Google Project Glass

"We believe technology should work for you — to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don't." says Google in their latest awesome video, which tells a tale in the future, and hopefully it's the near future. The video is about a new project by Google, which is Google Project Glass. First watch this video, if you haven't looked at it already. It has been there for few days now.

I'm sure anyone who enjoys technology, at least when it's trying to ease our work, would appreciate the potential of this project. With the help of other Google's new projects such as Google Indoor maps and constantly improving broadband technologies such as 4G this will be a product that may not be that far from us. In fact according to this post by Engadget, it seems Google has already implemented few prototypes.

The product will have its ups and downs, nevertheless we have to admit that this is what the future holds for us. +1 at Google for speeding up things. It seems that Google has been involved in lots of innovations-slash-crazyideas lately.