Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ever wanted to drive while Police cleared the road for you..??

I'm sure you all have seen VIP vehicles moving while the police cleared the road for them. Have you ever wanted that to happen to you? Have you ever wanted to have police clear the road for you while driving? Well, I might have a solution for you. :)

This happened to me today. I was going to the town in the morning and there happened to be a bicycle race on the road. For me it looked more like a Motorcycle race, anyway, that's an another discussion. A van lead the race announcing blah blah blah...and two traffic police motorcycles followed them. (Here comes the more important part) The police was clearing the road for the cyclists following them. I moved the car to the side and let them pass me. The van, two police bikes and 3 cyclists passed me, along with about 25 motorcycles ;) and a jeep followed them with hazard lights on. And that was it. when they passed me I started following them. I couldn't overtake them, I don't like traffic police much :P , and boy those cyclists were fast!

After few minutes I could see that road was clear, because the police was clearing the road, even the people in my lane sided there vehicles and let them pass, and I also moved along, comfortably passing the sided vehicles. It is then i realized that it was like the police has cleared the road for me. =D

Simple method, isn't it? But you've got to hurry, the "avurudu uthsawa" season is about to end.

And if you want more, just switch on the hazard lights of your vehicle also. Believe me, it's FUN..!!!! =D =D =D May be that jeep was also following them like me, I'd never know.

Call me crazy, but this works. True Story!